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At Green Growmaster

Green Grow Master is dedicated to providing superior stone wool
foundations for precision soilless cultivation in greenhouses.

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Green Grow Master was conceived from the unwavering dedication of

a seasoned team of professionals, united by their passion ...

More Efficient

We are committed to advancing soilless cultivation technology, constantly pushing the envelope to foster a greener, more efficient future for global agriculture.

High Quality Standards

Our robust quality management system, skilled employees, and state-of-the-art production equipment underpin our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Services

Our unrivaled customer service sets us apart. With a professional, customer-centric team, we provide comprehensive services and technical support.

Products Category

GreenGrowMaster specializes in premium rockwool substrates, supporting plants from propagation to harvest. Each substrate is tailored for every growth phase, ensuring optimal vitality. Complementing our substrates, we present our resilient agriculture growing bags, designed for maximum breathability, promoting healthier roots and robust growth. Trust GreenGrowMaster for unparalleled plant care solutions.

Our Clients Said...

For years, our farms relied on Grodan, but then we found GreenGrowMaster Upuper. Their rockwool matches the quality we're used to, but at a more competitive price. Plus, their customer service outshines Grodan's by miles!

David Wong, Farm Owner, OKC

I'm thoroughly impressed with their products. Moving from coconut coir to rockwool was seamless, thanks to their team's invaluable guidance. Now, I'm seeing better yields at a reduced cost.

James Pierce, Grower, NM

I had my reservations initially, but after running some AB tests on smaller batches, it's clear that GreenGrowMaster Upuper rockwool is top-notch, ensuring consistent high yields crucial for our automated farm. A big shoutout to Rio for guiding our team through the transition.

Majdi Haj, AutoGreenhouse, CA