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Greengrow Growing Bag - 3 Gaalon Case (1000 Pcs)


Bottom diameter x Height: 27 cm x 25 cm (10.6 inch x 9.8 inch)

Volume: 3.7 Gallon/14.3L

GreenGrowMaster's 3 Gallon Black Aeration Fabric Bag – the perfect blend of convenience and breathability for your plants. These innovative grow bags combine the benefits of traditional nursery pots with the advantages of breathable-felt containers. Experience stronger, healthier plants from start to finish with GreenGrowMaster Aeration Fabric Bags.

Crafted from 100% non-woven fabric, these pots are not only environmentally friendly but also BPA-free, ensuring the safety of your plants. The key benefits of GreenGrowMaster Aeration Fabric Pots include improved root structures, eliminating root circling, reduced transplant shock, efficient water and nutrient utilization, and faster growth with higher yields.

Whether you're growing a nice pepper or tomato tree, these 3.7 gallon plant grow bags provide ample space for your favorites to thrive.

Boost your plant growth and yields while maintaining a more controlled root environment. Perfect for growing small plants, trees, and herbs like onions, garlic, and even small tomatoes. 

Greengrow Growing Bag - 3 Gaalon Case (1000 Pcs)



  • What's the advantages of hydroponic culture?

    Hydroponic vegetables provide nutrients and water directly to the roots through nutrient solutions, making their nutrient supply more sufficient, balanced, and rapid. Vegetables grown in this way have yields several times or even more than ten times higher than those grown in traditional soil or substrate cultivation.

  • What's the advantages of rock wool cultivation?

    Agricultural rock wool cultivation is the most advanced cultivation technology in modern agriculture. From cultivation facilities to environmental control, it can be monitored and regulated according to the needs of crop growth and development. Therefore, agricultural rock wool cultivation has advantages that traditional soil cultivation cannot surpass.

  • I'm a business grower, can I get a discount?

    Yes, we offer wholesale discount for business growers. If you're shopping in volume, please contact us for the wholesale price and any other discount programs that you may be eligible.